A Rapidly Growing Community’s Struggle to Save its Native Little Red Fish


The Story

In one of America's first urban wildlife refuges, the plight of a little-known land locked salmon called the Lake Sammamish kokanee, or ‘Little Red Fish,’ is bringing together a unique and unlikely partnership between Tribal leaders, local and state agencies, private landowners and conservation groups. Once an abundant year-round food source for Coast Salish people, this ancient population of kokanee have been affected by everything from early logging operations around the lake, fishery mismanagement, stormwater runoff, predation, disease, rising water temperatures, and various kinds of encroachment on the small creeks where they return each year to spawn. With their numbers dwindling, renewed scientific and cultural efforts attempt to ensure their survival as the region experiences unprecedented levels of new growth.

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Regional and national stories that highlight the documentary and the plight of the Little Red Fish.